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Tehran Pishtaz Company

Tehran Pishtaz with 33 years of experience is a professional Company and specializes in arranging meetings and conferences for groups and companies. Our goal is Safety, environment protection and customer satisfaction. We have been working with Statoil Hydro, CNN, Shel, Gardner Films University of California, Statoil, and National Geographic. Our Company has the potential for the following activities: We are in possession of very modern and new cars and automobiles which are equipped with ABS, Airbag and other relevant accessories. Upon the request of the Iranian or foreign Companies additional equipments can be included. We are pleased to announce that our drivers are very experienced and familiar with English language for easy communication. It is worth to mention that the prioirty for employing our drivers is the knowledge of English language. We organiz mandatory Defensive driving courses for all of our drivers. After the mentioned course they obtain the appropriate license which is equivalent to the latest standards accpted in Europe and USA. In additin we arrange First Aid training courses by Red Crescent qualified instructors.The objective of these courses is increasing the standards of our drivers in case of any accidents or not foreseen situations.

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Assign official seat at the airport

Perform airport transfer

Luxury Car Rentals

Providing domestic and foreign services from Tehran

Transferring car to travel to Iran

Providing service to domestic and foreign companies

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Tehran Pishtaz has been proud to work with a large number of domestic and foreign companies during its years of operation.

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